The Club was founded in 1996 by the initiative of some tireless enthusiasts. Every year the Club gets bigger and bigger. The Club attracts people of different ages and professions. During the periodical evening-meetings members of the club share the news from the „Beetle" world, consult each other on the question of repairs and reconstruction. For all of them „Beetles" are not just vehicles -„Beetle" are the lifestyle.

In the begining, opening of the season festivity, „Beetle spring", gathered together only a few participants. Today it has grown into international event atracting more „Beetles" lovers from Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Byelorussia, etc. The memebers of Lithuanian „Beetles Club" are also being invited to „Beetles" festivals in foreign countries. Club members have already visited Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Finland.

It has become a tradition to take part in summer festivals in Palanga, in the event „The Day of Vilnius", in automobile exhibitions „Autobalt" in Vilnius and „Exotic automobiles" in Riga, and several marketing events. „Beetles" have been driving the newly married, have been filmed on the TV and cinema.

If you have any organisational, technical questions or need more information - just call us to telephone +370 6981198 or  +370 68411235. We are always ready to help.

Lithuanian VW Beetle Club

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